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Serciena - Animated Icon




default sizes 100 x 100 pixels & 250 x 250 pixels
Base $15.00
Animated (add per frame) $2.00

please provide me with proper dimensions
Base $15.00
Cell Shaded add $10.00
Full Shading Add $25.00
Animated (add per frame) $ 5.00

Base $10.00
Additional Characters (each) $5.00
Color sketch add $10.00
Background (add) $5.00

Line Art
Base $20.00
Additional Characters (each) $10.00
Background(add) $10.00

cell colored no/little shading or color Sketched
Base $20.00
For Full shaded coloring add $20.00
Additional Characters (each) $10.00

Cell Shaded
cell colored no/title shading
Base $25.00
Basic 1 tone shading add $5.00
Additional Characters (each) $10.00
Add Background $15.00

Fully shaded and colored.
Base $55.00
Additional Characters (each) $20.00
Add background(right) Add $30.00

Character References
Character references are mostly a case by case basis for they depend on how many forms, sides, views and details, coloring type are used.
For an idea take the "Base Price" above for the commission type and add the "Additional Character" price for every extra pose (pose #2 and up) on the reference.

Kamoril REference by Arborath Shiru Reference by Arborath
Kamoril (left) is a $115 ref page with "Shaded" commission type with 2 extra poses and one bust.

Shiru (right) is a $45 ref page being Simple Type with 2 Extra poses.




[Gift] - Bitch you know I'm fabulous! by Arkanis-VoidArborath fursona 3d model by xShiruxYCH-Car Monster-Final-Asmo by xFalkenxGalaxy Magnolia Book 1 Page 51 by Axolotl-mafiaRp Sketches: Blueface! by Arkanis-VoidYCH: Arborath by AttsosKione (Art Trade/Raffle Thing For Arborath: Lines) by HomosecksualKione For Arborath (Coloured) by HomosecksualTest Using Poor Asmodeus by HomosecksualThe Whole Family by HomosecksualArboroonie by PinLinesSketchPageComm02 by DiffyBAKARequest: Asmodee by Ashley4849Thank you Arbs :D by HomosecksualMYSTIC adopt [CUSTOM] by ensoulKamoril by Homosecksual


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3 more omg O_o cracks whip

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 15, 2015, 5:42 PM


3 more watchers!!! OMG!! o-o then i can chose who i will draw for meh 5 slots DX



I have 5 slots open for free arts in celebration of my "premo" account.

Now this is NOT first com first serve.

What I need from you is a ref pic, and a paragraph(5 or more FULL sentences) on why this character represents you or a part of you. You should also be posting journals and letting your friends know bout this because...

*~*~~If you don't want your paragraph public please post the reference and then lat me know you sent a note with your paragraph.~*~*~

The 5 chosen will be chosen when i get 200 watchers. that 3 more watchers..not that hard...


Milford Sound in New Zealand
By: :iconburningwhite:
" This draggy has really thrown me headfirst into the wonders of dA. He is who I want to be, but in many ways me with scales. Without him I may not have my current mate, or most of my friends. I'm glad that he's my sona. He may have a simple color palette, but like mine, his personality is complex. He is truly my senpai dragon. c:"

Deviant Universe - Necros by XTREAM901
by: :iconxtream901:
"I've always been a fan of comic books and superheroes, and with this character, i delve into the concept of these. This character fulfills my fantasy of creating a superhero character, and expanding upon him. He's almost a reflection of me in terms of personality (a fan of comics, star wars, general "geeky" stuff.) He also highlights some of my other personality traits such as hopefulness, curiosity, and adventurousness. He's a very "dark" character at first glance, but, like myself, he has a sense of humor that shows up frequently. He is one of the characters I am attached to most, and even though I only made him September of last year, I am looking forward to expanding on this character and making a legacy for him."

Reference sheet for Fixx by AnxietySloth
By: :iconanxietysloth:
"Fixx represents me in a few general ways. Fixx is who I am, who I want to be, and who I used to be. She has a lot of my past, and we've been through all the same struggles together. She is not only my mistakes but my current actions of rebuilding myself like how I was before "tragedy" struck. She is who I want to be, not only with long red hair that I adore, but she is courageous and has not trouble speaking up for herself. Fixx is a representation of me in every tense."

Rest In Peace by TechnophiIia
by: :icontechnophiiia:
"I chose Izzy because she meant the world to me. Even though she may have been small, she taught me a lot about life and how to live it. I will never forget the way I felt when she would lick my fingers or watch cartoons with me; I even remember telling her my secrets since obviously she can't tell them. I miss her long white fur, and those black patches on her eyes and her little butt! xD She was a very pretty girl, and we shared a lot in common too. She was beautiful in every single way. Sadly, my baby passed away on October 11th, 2014. I will forever miss my little angel and I hope she rests in peace. Thank you for reading~"

[OC](Mi)kami Reference by Arkanis-Void
By: :iconarkanis-void:
"While most may be able to relate to there character because they share somewhat of a backstory or visual appearance, I more so have a deep relationship for other reasons. Mainly when I first created him, he was just a mesh of all different fandoms and uncreative bollocks. But after rping with him for so long, I can never seem to get rid of him no matter how hard I try. Its come to the point where half of my replies are in canon of what he would say. Horrible I know since he's an egotistical, selfish, self claimed godly emo queer that reaps the souls of whoever gets in his way. But I suppose roleplaying as someone the complete opposite of myself has gotten me to open up more since I have to be more outspoken with him. I often times refer to him as the voice in the back of my head, now screaming at me to curse someone out if they deserve it and even more so an uplifter when I get those horrible moods of feeling helpless and worthless to the world. And of course the sheer ridiculousness of his character always seems to cheer me up"

Krishi 20 Finalized by Yakkov
By: :iconyakkov:
"Well this character here is one of my first characters I have ever designed. She is kinda special to me in that regard. I designed her younger age back in 2008, and since then I have been gradually improving her look and style from another artist; who helped me create her and others back in 2009. I haven't really updated her much as of late because of school. I just haven't had time. But this is her final look. So it would be cool if I could see her drawn by another artist."

Why Don't You Come Home With Me Tonight? by Homosecksual
by: :iconhomosecksual:
"Haha no but seriously let's seeeee. I designed her to have a sort of false eye, which is similar to me being blind in one eye. In fact half of her face is replaced with metal, which is kinda like me being deaf and blind on my left. I tend to do that to alot of my characters, some on purpose some not. She is skilled in archery, something I'm pretty proud of. I wish I had a bow of my own instead of the one I rented from school. She likes word play and confusing people with silly phrases that can be taken lots of different ways. Especially puns. Puns are my life.
That's probably about it aside from the obvious gender stuff and what not."

Pyrialus Tung Flarus (2015) W.I.P by IgnoTung
By: :iconignotung:
"Pyrialus was one of my first characters I've ever drawn and I could say that he represent my loyal, yet lonewolf side. Pyrialus tends to headbutt into everything without even thinking about it and so do I about arguments and decisions. While the armor looks gives a "chivalry and honor code stuff" attached to the character, its only there to raise Pyrialus's self-esteem about opinions about others. This is basicly me : Head first into the a decision without thinking about the consequence and I stay always away from peoples, except close friend that I know for years
So yeh, in brief Pyr is a loner and tend to stay the hell away from people, but he will kill the one who made his bro cry xD"

Spartan Ref sheet by Wandering-Wolf666
by: :iconwandering-wolf666:
"This character hasn't been with me long, but he represents a side of me in which he hates when he's involved with other horses because he was abused by them and he feels he no longer belongs in a herd. He feels he should now run alone. He also hates dumb humans who get on his back and just shakes the reins to make him move. Another reason he represents me/my personality is the way he is quiet and distrusting of others, and basically his whole personality is mine. He is the side of me who wishes to be free, alone, wild, and not have to worry about being judged or hated on for anything. He can, after long periods of time, warm up to other horses, but as I said it'd take a long time. He'd have to first watch them in separate areas and see how they treat others before he would get any closer. And even though he hasn't been with me long, he's my first horse-sona-thing and I feel like he's even closer to my personality than my wolf fursona because with my wolf one, that's how I used to be, but Spartan is more present me."

Milford Sound in New Zealand
By: :iconsockthesheep:
"Killian is a part of mine which I never want to miss.
He is a carefree, but also free dragon who loves his freedom more then anything.
His dream is very high and nearly unreachable, just like some of mine are.
But he would never give up on his dream and always give his best.
Killian is a side of me wich accompanied me since childhood.
I would never want to miss this part of me, reaching for the sky
and doing his best everyday."

Lumilla final adult by Mahari-Menges
By: :iconmahari-menges:
"She gets upset easily and likes to storm off to go chill out, often seeking a body of water to calm her or, if none around, then she finds the smallest little nook to cram herself into. I get mad easily, and cope by seclusion in a small space, driving to the lake, or looking for crawfish in the creek nearby. She also hates rules and life obligations, wanting to be free to do as she wants. I, too, am not living a life that I chose. I don't have a choice, and long to make my own decisions. I also made her my top favorite colors, and my birth sign is Cancer, a water sign. I've always felt most at home near some form of water. I also gave her the ability to fly with Dragon wings despite being a water Dragon, so she could escape more easily than I can. She is also part vampire, because who doesn't have a little evil in them? We all do."

Winged canine auction closed by gold-adopts
For: :icondiamonddog777:
"This character, Faye, represents me in a way because she's the odd one out and so am I. Every single year I'm always that one Asian one and everyone will do dumb Asian jokes and I can't say anything back because that'll offend all of my classmates (because they're all white). Same with Faye, she's felt as if she is nothing and is constantly getting picked on by her older siblings. She doesn't want to say anything back because they're too important and their parents will punish her. So Faye usually runs away at night to find her "happy place" and so no one can judge her. That happens to me when I just go somewhere in my class and just not talk to anyone and kinda just sit there and doodle. And Faye then met a friend that made her feel better (Scarlet) and for me that's Kaitlyn. She's one of my first friends ever at school."


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Anubis by WhiteFoxCub   Clockwork Dragon Goggles by Namingway    Man and Monsters... by Grivetart Horse Color Pencil Drawing by AtomiccircuS     Crow Man Advanced by jameszapata     .:Hunters:. by EVentrue     Moleskine: Trap for butterflies by Kate-FoX

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My Brothers: :iconsignathrax: & :iconxshirux:

My Fluffy Pet Cat: :iconsunsetpinky:

My Buttfart Derps: :iconarkanis-void: :iconswannson: :icontwin-feathers: :iconnevermoresin: :iconhomosecksual:

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